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I am human.

Bearing many burdens not my own as the oldest son in a relatively large family. I did not choose this role but was rather born into it.

Having to juggle the personal, financial and emotional traumas of others wears down your patience and compassion, renders the spirit restless, and your passion short. I have left alot of lovers sobbing at airport security or taxi stands as I rush of to the destination or the other. At times they join me on various trips and they are usually disappointed by my inability to put aside art and work and be absolutely present.

Work is never finished for an artist. Even the way we perceive the world taxes our brain and constantly serves as distraction. Colors, shapes, forms and shadows all form part of our visual repertoire allowing inspiration for filter through at any time.

But how about love? That all-important element of the human condition. Where does one find the time when juggling time zones and multiple cell phones?

There is something very jarring seen a woman cry in front of you. Because of your stupidity, bad decisions, lies, lack of empathy. Even more so in Asia where the tears stream down without warning.. unrestrained by a double eyelid, they fall unimpeded. 

Love me at a distance for I am always seeking horizons but know that wherever I am you are there with me, right there, always.

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