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Grandma's Hands

Few moments in life shake you to the core like the death of a loved one. My grandparents have often been my salvation during many periods of life when I needed an adult to override the authority of my parents. Many times this took the form of some extra candy before bed and, more importantly, saving me from the wrath of my mother. Six years ago, my grandmother passed. One of my heroes had left this earthly realm and with it a piece of my heart.

I watched her as she lay in her coffin, still, enjoying the peace she was often denied during her lifetime. Seven children, over twenty grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren filtered in and out of the funeral home over the course of two days. Crying, recanting stories, sitting in silence, even her enemies in this realm came to wish her well into the afterlife. On my end there was not much to say. There would be no more home cooked meals, watching TV together and bodega runs to pick up juice for my nephews. How quick we all wanted to grow up..look at us now..rudderless in the rough seas of adulthood.

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